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Flat Computer Review: the Finest Cheap Flat PC Monitor

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Flat LCD Monitors, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Flat LCD Monitors

Selecting your LCD Monitor... Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to Flat LCD Monitors than you may have first thought.

The physical characteristics of liquid crystal is this: When power-on-arranged in an orderly change, so that the light easy to pass; no electricity, when ordered chaos, to prevent light to pass through. Let liquid crystal such as the camel, barrier gate or let light through. Technically simple to say that the LCD panel contains two very fine sodium-free glass material, known as Substrates, sandwiched between a layer of liquid crystal. When the beams passing through this layer of liquid crystal, the LCD itself in a row to stand or to reverse the irregular shape, thus blocking or to beam passed. Most of the LCD are all organic compounds, from a long club-shaped molecules. In the natural state, these rod-like molecules roughly parallel to the long axis. Pour the liquid crystal by a well-processed slotted flat, liquid crystal molecules are arranged along the groove, so that if those slots are parallel, then the molecule is completely parallel. (B) the principle of monochrome LCD display

LCD technology is poured into two columns with thin LCD flat groove between. The two slots on the plane perpendicular to each other (intersection of 90 degrees). In other words, if a north-south plane molecular arrangement, the other east-west plane molecular arrangement, while the plane is located between the two molecules were forced into a 90-degree reverse the state. As the molecules are arranged along the direction of light transmission of light through the LCD when it was reversed 90 degrees. But add a voltage of liquid crystal, the molecules will be re-arranged vertically, so that light can be directed to go out, without any reverse. LCD is dependent polarization filter (films), and the light itself. Natural light is moving in all directions randomly divergence. Polarization filter is actually a series of increasingly thin parallel lines. These lines form a network of these lines are not parallel to block all light. Polarization filter line exactly perpendicular with the first one, they are able to completely block those who are already polarized light. Only two completely parallel to the line filter, or the light itself reversed to a polarization filter with the second match, light was able to penetrate. 7 inch LCD is precisely by such two mutually perpendicular polarization filter structure, so that under normal circumstances should block all attempts to penetrate the light. However, due to the two filters was full of distortions between the LCD, so in the light piercing the first filter, it will be liquid crystal molecules turn 90 degrees, the last from the second filter in the piercing. On the other hand, if a voltage increase for the liquid crystal molecules will rearrange and fully parallel, so that light will no longer be reversed, it was just the second filter block. In short, power-up will block the light, not power-up makes light injection. However, you can change the LCD's liquid crystal array, so that when the light during power injection, rather than power-up was blocked. However, as the computer screen is almost always lit, so only the "power-up will block the light" option in order to achieve the most energy-saving purposes. From the liquid crystal display structure, whether it is laptop or desktop system, using the LCD screen are all from different parts of the hierarchical structure. LCD glass from the two composition, thickness of 1mm, during which by containing liquid crystal (LC) materials separated by 5μm spacing evenly. Because the liquid crystal material itself is not light, so both sides of the screen with a lamp as the light source, while in the back has a backlit LCD display panel (or absorbed light board) and the reflective film, backlight panel is formed by a fluorescent substance capable of transmitting light, its role is to provide uniform background light. Backlight issue of light rays passing through the polarization filter layer after the first layer contains tens of thousands of crystal droplets into the liquid crystal layer. Liquid crystal layer crystal droplets are included in the small cell structure, one or more of the cells constitute a pixel on the screen. In between the glass and the liquid crystal material is transparent electrode, the electrode is divided into rows and columns, row and column intersection point, by changing the voltage to change the rotation of liquid crystal state, the role of liquid crystal material is similar to a small light valve. In the liquid crystal material is a control circuit part and the peripheral drive circuit section. When the 10.4 inch LCD of the electrode, generating electrical fields, the liquid crystal molecules would create a distortion, which will conduct through which the rules of light refraction, and then through the second layer of filter layer of filtering on the screen displayed.

Now that wasn't hard at all, was it? And you've earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert's word on Flat LCD Monitors.

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