Monday, May 10, 2010

Pain knee rehabilitation

The knee is a pretty important body part, a point I am sure most of us can agree on, however If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from chronic knee pain you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone as this is a problem that affects thousands of people worldwide.

Chronic knee pain refers to pain in the knee that develops and worsens over time. There are various causes of chronic knee pain and the older one gets the greater the chances of developing any of these problems. The causes of chronic knee pain can usually be attributed to two things excessive tension/strain on the knees and diseases.

Medication: Medication is administered base on the type and severity of the injury. For problems such as rheumatoid arthritis disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs can be used to give patients some relief from the pain inflicted by this condition. Another substance that is slowly becoming common is the use of Hyaluronic acid. This substance is found naturally in healthy joints and injecting it into the injured knee improves lubrication, reduces swelling and can relieve pain for months. Another useful medication that is used to relieved knee pain caused by osteoarthritis is corticosteroid, which is also injected into the affected joint.

Fish and Fish Oil often help to soothe pain throughout the joints. Some fatty acids contain Omega-3, which blocks protein that wears down cartilage in the knees. It can however, cause inflammation if you have osteoarthritis, which can be extremely painful, and is very bad for the body. I personally would recommend eating oily face twice a week, but a daily supplement of fish oil can be extremely good for you.

Your body does require some time to build this extra fluid in your knees but simply by taking some glucosamine for knee pain you will see a difference in as little as one month. At the second month you will feel like you had knee surgery and you have a completely new knee.

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