Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wet Bar for Sale

wet bar for sale
Big Savings on Wet Bar for Sale!

What a nice purchase! Amazon delivers the best bargains on Wet Bar for Sale!

I just purchased Wet Bar for warehouse deals at a ridiculously good price. I paid $359.00 for it. After carefull reviews and professional reviews, I am convinced I made a great purchase. I will post a full review on wednesday when it arrives! I hope that it really is in as good a condition as it says, and no lemon. But, you get what you pay for!

Wet Bar for Sale

7/26/2010- Finally got it! had some problems with Pilot, contrary to everyone elses experience…. it even says two person delivery job on invoice. good thing i was here. or he would have used a dolly to get it up stairs…. white glove? how about 1 dirty gardening glove. He even told me, that he was done with his run, and THEN had to go back and pick it up….see my attached comment for the rest. still nice guy, couldnt have been friendlier.

Wet Bar for Sale


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